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Social Media for Public Safety Emergency Management

Social media has become one of our primary means of communication and many public safety agencies have taken to social media to improve interaction with the public. This course will help agencies that still haven’t fully ventured into social media or those who have opened accounts but aren’t using them to their full potential.

Course Audience:

Police Officers, Firefighters, Dispatchers, Analysts and public safety employees assigned to work with social media at their agencies.


Legal issues – HIPAA, FERPA, Clery Act, Massachusetts CORI and Public Records Laws

Policy Considerations – Do we need a policy for that? Keeping your officers and agency out of trouble.

Intelligence Gathering – Tools that are available for gathering information and conducting investigations.

Situational Awareness – Using tools to gather vital information in real time during a crisis.

Free Resources – Running your social media efforts with no budget and very limited resources.

About the Instructor:

Glen Mills is a lieutenant at a suburban Boston police department. He is a second generation police officer who started his law enforcement career over 20 years ago. He is the current President of the Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts (MACA) and a Certified Law Enforcement Analyst (CLEA) through the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA). He has been teaching social media to law enforcement audiences since 2005 and has presented at a number of events including regional and international training conferences, symposiums and webinars.

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