Safety Analytics was founded in December of 2009 with the desire to do meaningful work that will make people safer and increase their quality of life. We are dedicated to identifying best practices and committed to finding innovative ways to reduce harm and criminal victimization in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their safety and risk reduction goals by making the best use of their existing resources.

Safety Analytics offers the following consulting and training services:

– Integrating Crime Analysis, Predictive Policing and Community Policing best practices into your public safety organization

– Social Networking and Social Media training for law enforcement, public safety, government and small business

– Open Source Policing – Using free technological resources that contain costs and increase community involvement and developing low-cost training using free tools

– Crime Prevention, Security Assessment, CPTED, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Active Shooter and Homeland Security training for employees and security personnel

– Self-Defense & Personal Safety Training – RAD Systems

– Police Technical Advisor – Patrol Procedures, Crime Analysis, Massachusetts Specific Police Procedure


Please contact me to see how I can help you.

– Glen Mills – Founder of Safety Analytics

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Public Safety Training and Consulting